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Pepper spray, also known as OC (oleoresin capsicum) or oleoresin capsicum, is an aerosol spray that contains the chemical capsaicin. It is used as a self defense weapon by law enforcement agencies and civilians alike. The pepper spray is usually sprayed into the eyes, nose, mouth, or even onto clothing or skin to temporarily blind or incapacitate the attacker.

Pepper spray is available in two main forms:

* OC Spray – this form of pepper spray is a liquid and is applied directly to the attacker’s eyes, face, or clothing. This form of pepper spray has a longer shelf life than the solid form and is more effective against larger attackers.

* Solid Form Pepper Spray – this form of pepper sprays is a solid powder that is applied to the attacker’s body. The solid form is generally not as effective as the liquid form, but it can be more easily concealed on the body and it does not have a limited shelf life like the liquid form.

Pepper spray can be purchased at most drug stores and department stores. If you need to purchase it online, be sure to buy from a reputable company . The most common brands are Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), CS gas, and TASER.

There are several types of pepper spray. They are:

* OC Spray

* OC Pepper Spray

* CS Gas Pepper Spray

* TASER Pepper Spray

OC Pepper Spray

OC pepper spray is the most popular form of pepper spray because it is very effective against large attackers. OC pepper spray is typically sold in 5-10 milliliter containers and has a shelf life of one year. It is often packaged with a small container of water to facilitate application. OC pepper spray comes in two different concentrations:

* OC Spray Concentration – this concentration is good for smaller attackers who are less than 6 feet tall. It is not recommended for larger attackers.

* OC Pepper Spray Concentration – this concentration works well for larger attackers. It is not recommended for smaller attackers.

CS Gas Pepper Spray

CS gas pepper spray is similar to OC pepper spray except that it contains the chemical CS gas. CS gas is an irritant that temporarily makes the attacker feel dizzy, nauseated, and disoriented. CS gas is very effective against large attackers because it will temporarily blind them. CS gas pepper spray is not recommended for smaller attackers because it may cause permanent damage to the eyes. CS gas pepper spray has a shelf life of one month.

TASER Pepper Spray

TASER pepper spray is another type of pepper spray that is used by law enforcement officers. It is a high voltage electrical device that temporarily incapacitates the attacker by shocking them. TASER pepper spray is not recommended for use by civilians because it is dangerous. It should only be used by trained law enforcement officers.

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